Our Charity of the Year for 2018-2019 is Off the Record Bristol (OTR) (Charity Number 10853501). 

Mental wellbeing and coping with stress are major areas of focus for the Junior Lawyers Division. We are therefore delighted to be supporting OTR which is a mental health social movement by and for young people. OTR provides mental health support and info to young people aged 11-25 across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

OTR’s services are free, confidential, self-referral and provide a variety of support projects to combat mental and emotional health needs such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, OCD, abuse, eating disorders, family breakdown and substance abuse.

OTR works in schools, colleges and youth clubs to promote good mental health and provide tips and tricks to look after your wellbeing. One of OTR’s projects is The Resilience Lab, a stress-busting group workshop which shares guidance on how to deal with life’s ups and downs. OTR also provides specialist support for anyone identifying as LGBTQ+ and young people experiencing bullying, self-harm or wanting to campaign against mental health stigma.

OTR sees mental health much like physical health – it needs to be looked after and maintained. You can sign up for OTR’s various services online at otrbristol.org.uk, or drop-in to one of OTR’s Hubs – an informal space to learn more about what we do and how to look after your mental health.

£10 buys a young person a one-to-one session with a counsellor
£50 buys a creative group workshop on understanding and managing stress
£100 buys a six-week group for young people who self-harm

OTR have over 50 years of experience in youth counselling. In 2017/2018 OTR supported 16,739 young people:
2% – 430 – intensive support (OTR & NHS)
7% – 1,239 – early intervention (one-to-one therapy, groups)
29% – 4,820 – mental wellbeing support groups
61% – 10,250 – self-help, information, education
OTR reached a further 89,000 individuals online.

Further information about the charity can be found by clicking OTR’s logo below.

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Thank you everyone for supporting our Charity of the Year:

Charity of the Year 2017-2018: SARSAS – £3,734.30.

Charity of the Year 2016-2017: The Sky Project – £2,757.

Charity of the Year 2015-2016: Julian Trust Night Shelter – £6,023.55.

Charity of the Year 2014-2015: Macmillan Cancer Support – £4,812

Charity of the Year 2013-2014: West of England MS Therapy Centre – £4,271.07

Charity of the Year 2012-2013: Children’s Hospice South West – £4,079.80

Charity of the Year 2011-2012: The Alzheimer’s Society – £4,929.06

Charity of the Year 2010-2011: Jessie May Trust  – £4,632.31

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**Please note we choose our Charity of the Year in November each year.