2021-2022 Committee Roles

If you would like to stand for a role, please find a description of all the roles below. To register your interest, please email election@bristoljld.co.uk attaching your submission on the Bristol-JLD-Candidate-Election-Form. You can put yourself forward for more than one role, but please specify your order of preference.  The deadline for submissions is 12noon on 31st October 2021. Please note that if your submission is successful you will be invited to meet the committee and attend our “elections evening”  on 12 November 2021. 

Please note, commitment is needed from all Bristol JLD Committee members and you will be expected to attend Committee meetings, these are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Chairperson  (A current committee member intends to stand for this position)

The Chair is responsible for organising and leading Committee meetings and serving as a general figurehead and point of contact for the Committee. This is a demanding role which requires flexibility and commitment to oversee the whole Group and to be on hand should any urgent matters arise which require attention. The Chair will have a large level of responsibility, including attending other local events, assisting to raise the profile of the Bristol JLD and support other legal groups in the local area. The Chair will need the ability to manage others to help run the Group effectively and to ensure that the Committee works well as a team. (approx 10-15 hours per week)

Vice-Chair (A current committee member intends to stand for this position)

The Vice-Chair will chair any Committee meeting where the Chair cannot attend, will assume the Chair’s role generally in their absence and will “back-up” and support the Chair where necessary. This person will also be responsible for leading coordination of the annual Bristol JLD Charity Ball in the Spring/Summer, with the assistance of a ball sub-committee. This is a demanding role which requires flexibility and commitment to manage others and ensure the ball sub-committee function effectively. The successful candidate will need to be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to organisation in the run-up to the ball itself. (approx 10 hours per week during ball time)

IT/Communications Coordinator

The IT/Communications Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the website, email address database and other IT/communications issues which arise from time to time. No programming knowledge is needed but familiarity with HTML and graphic design experience would be helpful. This is a demanding role as this person will be expected to be able to update the website regularly to reflect the Group’s activities and draft and prepare invitations to events and the regular e-newsletters sent to the Group’s members. (approx 4 hours per week)

Treasurer (A current committee member intends to stand for this position)

The Treasurer is responsible for accounting issues, and managing the Group’s funds at the behest of the Committee as a whole or individual Committee members as appropriate. This person will be in charge of managing the Group’s bank account and keeping accurate records of the Group’s income and expenditure/liabilities as well as the Group’s charity fund-raising efforts. Along with the Chair, they will be expected to take a leading role in approaching local firms and other organisations for financial support at the start of (and throughout) the year. (approx 1-2 hours per week as a minimum)

Social Media Representative (A current committee member intends to stand for this position)

This is a new role on for the Bristol JLD, previously social media has been the responsibility of the IT/Communications Coordinator with assistance from the Chair and Vice Chair. As the importance of social media has grown so has the responsibility. It will be the responsibility of the Social Media Representative to engage on the social media platforms with our members and potential members, to promote the JLD events and also events that may be of benefit to our members and to grow the social media platform. There will still be assistance provided by the IT/Communications Coordinator, Chair and Vice Chair. (approx 1-2 hours per week as a minimum)

Secretary (A current committee member intends to stand for this position)

The Secretary’s main responsibility is to prepare agendas for and attend all Committee meetings and draft and circulate timely minutes to the Committee, as well as other administrative tasks which may be needed from time to time and assisting generally with Committee functions. The Secretary will also be responsible, along with the Chair, for coordinating the Bristol JLD Calendar and arranging the Newsletters, which are sent to members at least quarterly. (approx 1-2 hours per week as a minimum)

National JLD Representative (A current committee member intends to stand for this position)

The National Rep will attend national meetings as needed. Meetings are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays in various locations around the country (with travel expenses paid). Meetings this year have so far been held in London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds. The National Rep’s role is to communicate local needs to the national level and vice-versa. This person will also be expected to attend other Bristol Law Society Meetings (third Tuesday of every month) and other local legal events and to assist in raising the profile of the Group nationally and with the national JLD/Law Society. In particular, this person will liaise with regional representatives of the national Law Society and will be responsible for preparing reports on the Group’s recent activities. (approx 1-2 hours per week as a minimum)

General Committee Members (2 positions are available)

There will be an opportunity for up to two new members wishing to be involved with the planning of Bristol JLD events throughout the year.  Each general member will be expected to assist the rest of the committee with one or two events throughout the year and play a key role in driving their allocated events forward. There will also be opportunities to get involved with the ball sub-committee. (approx 1-2 hours per week as a minimum)